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Gabin Jacquet


Gabin came to Bold Vantage Farm as a volunteer seeking to

improve his English. Gabin started taking riding lessons at the age of

four and began his competetive jumping career at eleven. He currently shows in 1.30 m

jumper division. In 2012 Gabin placed second in ‘amateur one’ in the team category at the

National Championships of France. After braving an Alberta fall and

winter Gabin passed all his English exams and takes

back to France a new perspective on the

training of young horses.



Caroline Doat


Caroline joins Bold Vantage Farm from

France’s Institute Superior Agriculture. Like our other working

students form ISA she is studying agriculture, environment and the food industry,

hoping one day to chose a career from amongst these disciplines. Caroline started taking riding

lessons at the age of six, beginning her competitive jumping career age thirteen. Caroline

currently shows in the m 1.20s, although sadly we didn’t show this summer to

take advantage of her experience in the ring. She has also tried eventing,

vaulting and dressage but now prefers to work mostly with young

horses. We at Bold Vantage are thankful for that!



Juliette Carteron


Juliette is another Bold Vantage recruit from France’s

Institute Superior Agriculture. There she is studying agriculture,

environment and the food industry. At age four Juliette started taking riding

lessons, beginning her competitive jumping career age ten. In 2009 she placed 3rd in Hunter,

club élite category, of the National Championships of France. In 2010 she took up pony mounted games as

a means of competing in a team-based equestrian sport. This girl rides to win,

and was the recipent of a 2013 Jump Alberta rider bursary.




Anna-Lena Baumgardt


Anna-Lena joined Bold Vantage Farm from

the Schleswig-Holstein region of Germany.  Anna is currently

studying agriculture, having already attained a certificate in equine studies

and stud farm management.   She is an experienced dressage, jumping and event rider,

who started her riding career with vaulting, when she was some four-years-old. 

Anna is a C-level (Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung FN) certified trainer,

which means that we, and any interested visitors, can take

advantage of her coaching skills and in-house

lessons while she is with us.




Marine Deleuze

Marine came to Bold Vantage Farm as an exchange student from

France in 2010.  As part of her studies at her agriculture college, she was required to work

abroad in some professional capacity.  Though Marine had never actually shown before she joined us,

she racked up the ribbons over the course of her stay, exhibiting bags of courage in the ring and tons of initiative and

pluck in everything else she did.  Since returning to France and completing her studies,

Marine has been employed with a branch of the Haras Nationaux.




Peggy Parkes

Peggy was with Bold Vantage Farm for the 2009 season. 

As a licensed Certified Horsemanship Association member, she has ridden,

trained and worked with all breeds of horses across many disciplines in B.C. and Alberta for

close to twenty years. Peggy brought to our team a trainer’s enthusiasm for

hot-blooded horses and is one of the most knowledgeable horse industry

professionals we know.  Sadly, we lost Peggy’s services

to a knee injury requiring surgery.





Carolyn Willekes





Burwash Equine Services
Drs. Alyssa Butters, Kirby Penttila

Highview Animal Clinic
Dr. Brian Taylor

Moore Equine
Drs. Chris Berezowski

TD Equine Group
Drs. Candace Crosby, Susan Schaal



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